Green Grandparents


From A-Z and all the letters in between 
Come along and you will see 
Going GREEN is as easy as A-B-C 

A-B-C-D-E-F-GREEN is an alphabet of ideas for going green together, organizations to join in your community and throughout the world, volunteer opportunities that make a difference to the environment, causes to claim and fun green activities to spend with your grandchildren. Each letter has an Alphabet in Action section, listing all the ways you can plan ahead for your green time.  

As you go through the alphabet, you will see that the activities are user friendly for ages from 2-102.  You will customize your adventures to fit the interests your special young people and modify them for ages and stages of ability. Time together is the  number one priority. Choose the green activity to fit your available time and remember that GREEN is a lifestyle choice that we share every day… all our projects keep on going as long as we keep on doing.

Each week as you can explore the A-Z adventures at justagreengrandmother.blogspot.com. Detailed projects for the Alphabet in Action will be found here on the website and updated us we travel through the letters from A-Z.